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How to prevent and control foot and mouth disease better?

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The Information Office of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs released 14 * a swine O foot and mouth disease epidemic in Hui Ji District, Zhengzhou. Reporters learned from the Municipal Animal Husbandry Bureau, Zhengzhou, Hui Ji District, according to the relevant preplan and prevention and control technology specification requirements, do a good job in the * * epidemic disposal work, has been culled, harmless treatment of 173 hair disease pigs and the same group of pigs. At present, the epidemic has been effectively controlled.
The outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease was confirmed by the National Foot-and-mouth Disease Reference Laboratory on the 14th and has been effectively controlled. It is reported that O * foot and mouth disease is not a zoonotic disease, it is not harmful to human beings.
Then, how can we better prevent and control foot and mouth disease?
1. popular characteristics
The MYA98 lineage virus is highly infectious, with wide host and fast transmission.
2. main clinical symptoms
* oral cavity, tongue surface, nasal speculum, hoof fork, hoof and nipple were found to form blister and ulcers (rotten spots), and the mortality rate of young animals was higher, mainly showing myocarditis and tiger heart.
3. prevention and control measures
Effective measures to prevent and control pigs * foot-and-mouth disease and to do routine preventive work should mainly take the following measures:
1. disinfection
Disinfection is the focus of daily prevention work, select foot-and-mouth disease sensitive disinfectant, in the season of frequent use of disinfectant once a day for disinfection, other time periods a week disinfection 1-2 times. The disinfection scope includes pig farm gate, pig pen door, pig hoof and so on. It is better to set up a disinfection pool at the pig pen door to facilitate disinfection.
2. foot-and-mouth disease vaccination
Relevant departments should strengthen the publicity of vaccination against pigs * foot-and-mouth disease, and guide farmers to choose the right vaccination. Specifically, we should do the following three points:
First, for the epidemic area, the self-made rehabilitation serum can be used to inoculate piglets to prevent the sudden death of piglets due to acute myocarditis.
Second, for large-scale aquaculture plants, vaccination, disinfection and timely isolation of diseases * should be adopted, especially in high season. In the event of foot and mouth disease, pigs should be immediately isolated and * * pigs that are seriously ill and highly contagious should be killed and recovered.
Third, follow the immunization procedure strictly. * according to the characteristics, pathology and symptoms of Swine Foot and mouth disease, a reasonable immunization procedure is formulated and implemented strictly. Generally speaking, sows should be immunized 2-3 times a year, and must be immunized one time before mating; for primipara sows, two times during mating, and the interval between two immunizations is about one month. For piglets, the first immunization was performed between 55 and 65 days of age, followed by the second immunization within 25 to 30 days.
Fourth, choose effective and correct vaccines. The synthetic peptide vaccine can be used, and the vaccine should be supplemented with Astragalus polysaccharides. * it can not only protect pigs, reduce adverse reactions, but also improve the immune effect.
3. decontamination of epidemic areas
If foot-and-mouth disease occurs, the whole epidemic area should be disinfected, blocked and reported in a comprehensive and timely manner so as to minimize the epidemic situation.
2018, * raising pigs is not easy, and keeping them up and cherishing them!
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