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Professor Feng Dingyuan from South China Agricultural University visited Jiangxi Tianjia Bio-engineering

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On June 26, 2017, Professor Feng Dingyuan from South China Agricultural University, Doctor Liao from Jiangxi Huannong Hengqing, General Manager Mr. Lin and Mr. Cao from Guangdong Wanghai came to visit our company for investigating the R&D and production conditions of  plant essential oil.
President Xiao Shiping and Vice President Xiong Xiaolin of production department warmly received and accompanied them to visit the production workshop of  plant essential oil . President Xiao introduced the manufacturing process, production equipment and key technical indicators of Tianjia plant essential oil to guests . They stopped to watch and were amazed by the characteristics of the multiple layered and double coating micro-encapsulation technology for  liquid essential oil.
After the visit, the two sides sat down and communicated with each other. President Xiao comprehensively introduced our corporate culture and development planning of Tianjia to them. Prof. Feng expressed their  appreciation for development achievements of our company after understanding our  profile.
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