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Tianjia Biological Specialist was awarded the honorary title of "Hongcheng Specialist" and the individual project of "Hongcheng

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On August 17, Nanchang held the signing ceremony of the "Hongcheng Special Expert" and the launching ceremony of the "Hongcheng Seagull Plan" project in 2017, and vigorously recruited the "high-quality and top-notch" talents urgently needed by the city's economic and social development at home and abroad. The Mayor of Nanchang, Guo An, issued certificates and notifications to 10 "Hongcheng Specialist" and "Hongcheng Seagull Project" project representatives.
Among them, Tianjia Biology Engaged Expert Dr. Xie Haihui was appointed "Hongcheng Specialist", Tianjia Biology declared "Key Technology of Preparing Single and Medium-Chain Fatty Acid Glycerides Feed Additive" project was awarded "Hongcheng Seagull Project" individual project, the project leader is Dr. Fang of literature.
天佳生物特聘专家分获南昌市“洪城特聘专家” 荣誉称号和“洪城海鸥计划”个人项目立项
It is reported that "Hongcheng Specialist" mainly around the pillar industries and strategic emerging industries in Nanchang, the city has introduced 80 international and domestic industry leaders, involving electronic information, automation, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, information software and other fields. Among them, 16 foreign experts, 53 domestic leaders, 50 doctorates and 46 senior titles have produced more than 6 billion yuan of economic benefits and solved nearly 100 technical and management problems.
The Hongcheng Seagull Program is mainly aimed at the urgent need for "high-quality and top-notch" innovative overseas talents in Nanchang. It is understood that the "Hongcheng Seagull Project" has introduced foreign experts and experts from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as overseas students. The Hongcheng Seagull Program, launched for the first time this year, has been approved for 20 projects on the basis of the principle of "unified declaration, expert evaluation and selection". Among them, there are 10 team projects and 10 individual projects.
Dr. Xie Haihui is a senior researcher in South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is a well-known expert in the field of natural product chemistry. He received his doctorate of pharmacy from Kyoto Pharmaceutical University in 2006. Over the years, he has won a number of provincial-level scientific and technological progress awards in this field, presided over a number of scientific research projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, with several patents for invention. This time, Tianjia Biology specially appointed Dr. Xie Haihui to chair the company's "Key Technology Research of Microencapsulated Quinacetone Premixtures", which is of great significance to the company's development in this technology.
Doctor of Literature Fang studied pharmacology in Okayama University, Japan, and received a doctorate degree. Now he is a postdoctoral student in the School of Environmental Science and Chemical Engineering of Nanchang University. He has made great achievements in the research on the exploitation and utilization of medicinal and food resources and is a famous young scholar in the province. Tianjia Biology this declaration "single and medium chain fatty acid glycerides feed additives preparation key technology" this project, won the "Hongcheng Seagull Project" individual project, hired the literary side doctor as the project leader.
天佳生物特聘专家分获南昌市“洪城特聘专家” 荣誉称号和“洪城海鸥计划”个人项目立项
For a long time, Tianjia Biology has taken R&D and innovation as the core elements of enterprise development, invested a large amount of scientific research funds, introduced famous experts and outstanding talents from home and abroad, and built up a scientific and innovative team of "advanced R&D, leading technology", in terms of animal physiological regulation and intestinal health, especially in plant essence. Oil research and development and application, in the forefront of the industry, for the healthy and rapid growth of animals to provide scientific, safe and sustainable solutions.
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