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Jiangxi Tianjia Industry Co.,Ltd was established in2012,and was renamed Jiangxi Tianjia Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd (Tega)after the completion of shareholding system reform in 2014.Tega is a high-tech enterprise with its focus on integrating the development, production and marketing of feed additives.

Our company work on the directions of technology for animal intestinal health and feed additive preparation. The first domestic thermal spraying micro-encapsulation production line of plant extracts has been put into operation successfully, in which has been invested nearly 30 million .

The company has successively developed a wide range of technology communications and industry-study-research collaboration with the well-known universities and scientific research institutions in China, such as China Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University, Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiangxi Agricultural University, China Pharmaceutical University, Jiangxi Normal University. The company has led the way in many fields , such as feeding physiological regulator and plant extracting preparation technology, and also been identified as Jiangxi feed additive engineering technology center and national high-tech enterprise. It has sovereignty for exporting and importing. In August 2015, it was listed on“new three board”successfully.

Professor Xiaoshiping ,the president of Tega, has been appraised as a specialist of the national“Ten thousand talents program”by Central Organization Department, and be listed as one of the innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the national “science and technology talent development program” by Ministry of Science and Technology. He enjoys the State Concil Special Allowance.

The company was approved as Nanchang national agricultural science and technology park demonstration enterprise, leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization. In 2013, our company was identified as Nanchang demonstration base of feed additive research by Nanchang people’s government and got the title of national High-Tech Enterprise. In 2014, our company was named “Nanchang hundred households key industry enterprises”; “Feed physiological regulator industry alliance”  founded by our company was appraised as “provincial strategic industry alliance” ; Our company also committed the research and development of “National agriculture science and technology achievements transformation project”, “Jiangxi science and technology support project” , “Nanchang hongcheng distinguished experts project”.

our company has passed FAMI-QS,ISO9001, HACCP quality system certification and GMP quality and safety management system certification. The company obtained 12 patents , in which 2 patents are invention patents. Three products of our company have passed the new product identification by technology department of Jiangxi Province, obtain the new product assay and achievement certification. Both of the subsidiaries of Tega have the sovereignty for exporting and importing in 2012.