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Fan Jianguo, general manager of the additive Department of the twin group, led the team to visit Tian Jia bio.

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The jade stage is white dew. On September 7, during the Bailu Festival, an exchange group consisting of four people, Fan Jianguo, Ma Lifang, Dr. Xie Zhengjun and Zhao Yingchao, General Manager of Additives Department of Twin Group of Fortune 500 Enterprises, came to Tianjia Biology to exchange products and technologies such as guitarin and vegetable essential oils. Accompanied by Chairman Xiao Shiping, Vice President Xiao Yijian and Technical Director Wanrong, they visited Jiangxi Provincial Additive Engineering Research Center, Solid Microcapsule Coating Workshop and Plant Essential Oil Workshop.




During the field visit, they have a thorough understanding of Tianjia Biotechnology and quality control system, from raw materials, testing process to finished product production, sample storage, meticulous inspection of each link, random sampling of sample records for inspection, and quality control management of professional issues. Some suggestions were also put forward.
In the essential oil workshop, they have a strong interest in Tianjia Biological self-developed liquid microcapsules double-coating production line. Chairman Xiao Shiping introduced Tianjia Plant Essential Oil's technological process, production equipment, key technical indicators and so on to the inspection group, and explained the principle of plant essential oil processing, the mechanism of its effectiveness and the key factors affecting the stability of essential oil.
During the symposium, the two sides discussed the state's policy on the use of additives, the role of plant essential oils in animal intestinal health, and the use of plant essential oils in feed. After some communication and understanding, they have given great recognition to the research and development and application of Tianjia Biotechnology in the coating of plant essential oil.
As a professional supplier of additive products, Tianjia Biotechnology is committed to providing customers with systematic solutions for animal physiological regulation and intestinal health technology. The company always adhering to the "technology to create value" concept of research and development, focusing on product development, Tianjia Biology will become a leading technology, quality leading international enterprises.
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