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Mr. Ye Jian, technical director of Guangdong Da Guang agriculture and animal husbandry group, visited Tian Jia biology.

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The golden wind is cool and welcome the distinguished guests again. In September 19th, Tian Jia welcomed Ye Jian, a technical director of Guangdong Da Guang agriculture and animal husbandry group. Accompanied by Chairman Xiao Shiping, Mr. Ye Jianbian visited the Animal Intestinal Nutrition and Health Research Center, Solid Microcapsule Coating Workshop and Liquid Microcapsule Coating Workshop established by Tianjia Biology and South China Agricultural University.




During a visit to the essential oil workshop, Chairman Xiao Shiping introduced in detail to Mr. Ye Jian the principle of plant essential oil processing, the mechanism of its effectiveness and the key factors affecting the stability of essential oil. The important role of microencapsulation of essential oil in maintaining the stability of essential oil and giving full play to the effectiveness of essential oil was emphatically expounded, and the field explanations and demonstrations were carried out. This method shows the achievements of Tian Jia biology in the research of essential oil microcapsules.




During the exchange, Mr. Ye and Chairman Xiao Shiping exchanged views on the current aquaculture environment, intestinal health nutrition and environmental protection policies, and discussed the future development trend of aquaculture.




At present, Tianjia Biology has the first professional production line of microencapsulated essential oils in China. Its self-developed secondary multiple coating technology has the characteristics of complete coating, uniform coating and stable structure in the process of microencapsulating plant essential oils. In addition, Tianjia Biological Co-operation with the South China Agricultural University, the establishment of animal enteral nutrition regulation research center, with the help of the South China Agricultural University research platform, in animal intestinal health nutrition regulation research and application, will move to a higher level.

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