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Friends from Thailand - Mr. Huang Junguang, general manager of THINA IM-EX, visited Tian Jia for a visit.

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In November 20th, Mr. Huang Junguang, general manager of THINA IM-EX from Thailand, came to Jiangxi to investigate and communicate with Tian Jia. Accompanied by Chairman Xiao Shiping, Mr. Huang Junguang visited the Animal Intestinal Nutrition and Health Regulation Research Center of Tianjia-South China Agricultural University, Solid Microcapsule Coating Workshop and Liquid Microcapsule Coating Workshop.



In the solid microcapsule workshop, the largest cold spraying equipment in China was first seen. Chairman Xiao explained the great difference between the cold spraying equipment with a diameter of 8 meters and a diameter of 10 meters in the production process and the production process of cold spraying products.
In the liquid microcapsule workshop, its equipment is complex, but its layout is reasonable and scientific. Chairman Xiao Shiping introduced in detail the technological process, production equipment and key technical indicators of Tianjia plant essential oil. Especially the advanced technology of liquid microcapsule twice multiple coating developed by the company is very suitable for the treatment of plant essential oil microcapsules, which aroused great interest of Huang, and asked many questions about the key technologies in the process of twice coating.
有朋自泰国来—THINA IM-EX总经理黄俊光先生到访天佳参观交流
有朋自泰国来—THINA IM-EX总经理黄俊光先生到访天佳参观交流
有朋自泰国来—THINA IM-EX总经理黄俊光先生到访天佳参观交流
At the final meeting, Mr. Huang also briefed us on the company structure of THINA. They have their own sales, technical team and trade experience between China and Thailand. He also said that the visit has yielded a lot, and he hoped that there would be more opportunities for further cooperation in the future to help Tianjia Essential Oil Products go international.
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