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Feed demand is expected to shake up even with soybean meal.

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Dalian soybean meal futures opened up in March 29th and then rose sharply. The main contract is shrinking, adding the warehouse and closing the line. The main M1009 contract, opening price 2,829 yuan / ton, closing price 2,832 yuan / ton, up 27 yuan / ton, the highest price 2,838 yuan / ton, the lowest price 2,819 yuan / ton, turnover 370,804 hands, position 957,108 hands. Soybean meal short-term trend continues to be affected by the external market, but considering the domestic spot price of soybean meal remains high water, and the plastic market demand is expected to improve, soybean meal futures are expected to temporarily maintain the trend of interval consolidation.
* pig prices continued to decline after the festival, and farmers' enthusiasm for feeding declined to a low level. According to statistics, pig * s grain price has dropped to 5.39:1, and has fallen below the early-warning line. At present, farmers are generally losing about 100-150 yuan per head, the loss of high-weight pigs even up to 200-300 per head, self-support and self-support costs can only be maintained. At the same time, the epidemic has increased the current risk of aquaculture, but also become an important factor to crack down on the enthusiasm of farmers to save and supplement columns. According to the understanding of the network, there are still epidemic spread in many provinces and municipalities, of which some serious epidemic areas epidemic infection rate of more than 60%. Affected by this, the recent feed sales situation is extremely mild. According to incomplete estimates, feed sales in most regions fell by 25%-40% in February. In addition to the Spring Festival stoppage of feeding enterprises and dealers still have the impact of early inventory, the continued loss of the terminal breeding market is also an important reason for the difficulty in supporting feed demand.
However, it should be reminded that the ratio of staple grains has been below the 6:1 break-even line for three consecutive weeks. If there is no sign of improvement in the later period, the possibility of the Commission starting the pig reserve market will gradually increase. At the same time, with the increasing attention of the relevant departments to the epidemic situation, relevant policies and support measures may be introduced one after another, then the future of feed demand is expected to improve. In addition, the current stable poultry farming, chicken seedling prices have increased strongly also reflects the enthusiasm of farmers to supplement railings. Moreover, warmer weather aquaculture will also start, so the current soybean meal market still has a certain demand base, such as pig market improvement, then the later sales can still be expected.
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