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Zhengda million pig project settled in Yueyang to build the whole industry chain

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On March 16, the Hunan Provincial People's Government and the Thai Zhengda Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The two sides reached an agreement on strategic cooperation in the construction of a new countryside, strategic cooperation in the bio-pharmaceutical industry and the construction of a 1 million pigs industrialization project.
Zhengda Group is a well-known multinational enterprise founded by Chinese Taiwanese, with an investment of nearly 5 billion US dollars in China. It has formed a complete modern agricultural and animal husbandry industry chain consisting of seed improvement, planting, feed, aquaculture, processing of agricultural and animal husbandry products, food sales, import and export trade, and has become a model of modern agricultural and animal husbandry industrialization in the world. .
At the signing ceremony, Yueyang Mayor Huang Lanxiang, on behalf of Yueyang Municipal People's Government and Thailand Zhengda Group, jointly signed the agreement on the cooperative construction of 1 million pigs industrialization project. The project is located in Yueyang County, with a total investment of about 3 billion 570 million yuan.
It is expected that 200 thousand people will be promoted directly or indirectly.
Xie Guomin, chairman of Zhengda Group, said at the signing ceremony that Zhengda Group seized the opportunity to promote the construction of a new countryside in China and extended the industry from feed production to aquaculture and food processing, creating a complete industrial chain from aquaculture to dining table, promoting new investment and development. Signing a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hunan Provincial Government, Zhengda Group will make use of its own technological, management and market advantages to drive farmers to become rich, promote local economic development, provide more employment opportunities, promote the upgrading of agricultural industry, and contribute to the construction of a new countryside in Hunan.
At present, domestic pig prices continue to fall, raising costs, farmers lose money, Zhengda Group pig industrialization project settled in Yueyang, is undoubtedly to the current pig market hit a shot of Heart-Strengthening agent.
According to statistics, in 2009, Zhengda Group in Anhui, Hebei, Shandong have been on the horse pig breeding projects, announced a cumulative investment of 4 billion yuan, more than 2 million pigs out of the total capacity.
And an agricultural analyst told reporters: "Zhengda Group frequent investment in the pig industry, hoping to be able to receive the effect of a double-shot. Zhengda Group started with feed in China. In recent years, feed output has been maintained at about 6 million to 7 million tons. Although it is still in the forefront of China, it is difficult to grow. There are more and more large domestic feed enterprises, fierce competition and low profits. In the pig farming market, large-scale farming enterprises have grown rapidly, collecting a large number of small and medium-sized farmers, these farmers may have used the original large feed, may be collected after other feed, Zhengda Group to maintain a large market share of the pressure. If you raise pigs, you can effectively pull feed demand and cultivate new profit growth points.
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