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The expert group and leaders of the Ministry of agriculture visited the "flying inspection".

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In December 15th, the expert group and leaders of the Ministry of agriculture came to Tian Jia's "flying inspection" to guide the work. Mr. Xiao Shiping, the chairman of the board, accompanied the delegation to visit the Jiangxi Provincial Research Center of Feed Additives Engineering Technology and the Workshop of Liquid Microencapsulated Plant Essential Oil.






The Flight Inspection Working Group inspects enterprise qualification, raw material procurement control and verification, production process management, inspection capability and the implementation of quality management system one by one. In order to better understand the actual production status, the flight inspection team visited our liquid microcapsule Workshop on the spot. Taking essential oil products as an example, Chairman Xiao Shiping introduced the detailed implementation of Tianjia Plant Essential Oil from raw material control, production process to product quality control, and the technology of liquid microcapsule double coating developed by our company.






Finally, the experts and leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture highly affirmed the innovative spirit of independent research and development and the development concept of pursuing product quality excellence. At the same time, our company's advanced equipment, excellent technology, standardized management and strict attitude to the implementation of EU standards and specifications of production, and encourage Tianjia Biology to go abroad and win glory for the country!

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