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Mr. Xiao Shiping, Chairman of Jiangxi Tianjia Board of Directors, National Planning Expert for Ten Thousand People, was invited

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The President of Jiangxi Tega, Mr. Xiao shiping, was honored to be one of the national “Ten Thousand Talent Program” specialists, and was invited to attend the signing and starting meeting of Jiangxi Talents Service Bank.
Achievement comes from talents, talents broaden the social undertaking. In the new normal state, talents have been the first resource for the development of provincial economy.
In order to optimize the environment of talent innovation and startup, accelerate the development of the affluent and beautiful Jiangxi, on the premise of full investigation and in-depth demonstration, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government centered on the requirements of reform and development and the working reality of talents, Jiangxi Province acted  as pioneer to set up professional talents service bank—Jiangxi Talents Service Bank, which provide people financial services at every level with diversification, specialization and precision.
Jiangxi Tega President, Mr. Xiao shiping was selected to be national “Ten Thousand Talent Program” specialist in 2016, which attracted highly attention by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and he was honored to be invited to participate in the signing and starting meeting of Jiangxi Talents Service Bank, to witness this historic moment with the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, academician of Chinese Academy of Science and other important leaders.
The establishment of Jiangxi Talents Service Bank , not only supply strong power for building Jiangxi to be a beautiful city,  affluence and happiness, moreover, Jiangxi Tega will benefit from the diversified financial service, thus laying a steady foundation for the further step of Tega development. With the support of Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, it is sure that the development of Tega would be better and better.
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