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Jia Dan fang

Usage and dosage: when using this product, be sure to mix evenly with the components of the compound feed and also use it in drinking water.


Tianjia Bio, Plant Essential Oil Preparation, Feed Physiological Regulator


Plant Extract Series

Product Details

Active ingredients: Cinnamaldehyde, thymol.
Production process: Thermal spray secondary microencapsulation process.

Main ingredients and content Total content (%) Product name
Cinnamaldehyde Thymol
6.5 13.5 20 Jia Dan Fang

Applicable animals:Pigs
Product efficacy
1. Feeding: Mild spicy flavor, covering up bad smells, promoting feeding, and relieving stress. Used with sows and piglets, the feeding effect is better.
2. Antibacterial: Destroy cell walls and cell membranes, have a strong inhibitory effect on Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Clostridium, prevent and reduce diarrhea. No drug resistance, no residue, broad-spectrum antibacterial.
3. Growth promotion: stimulate endogenous digestive juice secretion, improve nutrient utilization; improve intestinal health, and promote nutrient absorption.
4. Enhance immunity: inhibit inflammation, remove free radicals, and improve the body's immune function.
Product Features
1. The hot spray microcapsule coating process solves the bottleneck problems in production such as poor palatability, volatility, oxidation, thermal instability and inconvenient storage of essential oils.
2. According to the physiological characteristics of the pig digestive tract, the hot spray microcapsule wall material is carefully selected, and the intestinal fixed-point slow-release hot spray secondary coating technology is adopted to achieve the continuous and complete release of essential oils through the stomach and the middle and rear sections of the small intestine, thereby improving bioavailability.
3. Essential oils are formulated for common pathogenic bacteria in pigs to achieve efficient antibacterial effects.
4. According to the physiological characteristics of piglets and sows at specific stages, it regulates the intestines and resists inflammation, and improves stress resistance.
Usage and Dosage: When using this product, it must be mixed evenly with the components of the compound feed and can also be used with drinking water. The amount of addition is as follows:

Suckling piglets (g/t) Growing pigs (g/t) Sows (g/t)
Prevention Treatment   Prevention Treatment
200-300 400-600 100-200 150-250 300-500

Packing specifications:Net content 20kg/box (barrel).
Storage:Stored in a sealed, cool, dry and ventilated place.
Shelf life:12 months. The product should be used as soon as possible after opening. The unused unsealed packaging should be tightly sealed to prevent moisture absorption.

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