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TianJia Biological Engineering Co.,ltd exhibited in AVESUI Brazil 2017

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2017 International Livestock Fair AVESUI was held in Floriannopolis ,SC Brazil from April 25th  to 27th , 2017. As a professional feed additive manufacturer with micro-encapsulation coating technology,  Tianjia debuted on the AVESUI expo with our latest plant essential oil products 
AUESUI is the largest and most prestigious exhibition of animal husbandry in Latin America, which is an important platform for Latin American pork, poultry and dairy products. The exhibition is unprecedented, which brought together with the latest cutting-edge technology and products in the world's animal husbandry and attracted more than 20,000 livestock experts and industry audiences from various countries coming here .
As a technology leader in the additive industry, Tianjia has been committed to research antibiotic-free solution in recent years. On the AVESUI exhibition in Brazil, Tianjia mainly exhibited physiological regulator series: growth promoting peptides--TEGATIDES (GABA+TAURINE), micro-encapsulated sodium butyrate 30% and micro-encapsulated cinnamon oil and oregano oil , which is double coated micro-encapsulation technology for liquid. Perfectly coated technology and sincere service attracted a large number of overseas customers and experts coming to visit and consult.
In this exhibition, overseas businessmen are amazed in China's profound Chinese medicine , expressing strong interested in the use of micro-encapsulated oregano oil and cinnamon oil which are developed according to traditional Chinese medicine theory. They carefully consulted with product research and development background, product features and effects, expressing strong willing to cooperate with Tianjia to open up the overseas markets. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, our self-developed micro-encapsulated plant essential oil of cinnamon and oregano have effect on sterilization, antibacterial, anti-virus, anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals etc. Sustained-release  micro-encapsulation coating technology for liquid , solved plant essential oils’ shortcomings like poor palatability, easily oxidized and volatile, making the essential oils slowly released throughout the intestinal tract and improving bioavailability and greatly enhancing the animals’ immunity.
The three-day Brazil AVESUI came to an end. Through the exhibition, Tianjia established a good image with its technical standards and market position showing the company self-confidence and strength in the field of feed additives, which not only attracting the industry insiders’ attention, but also to enhance our international influence.
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