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Brand Story of Tianjia—Plant Essential Oil

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As increasing calls to ban the use of antibiotic, many companies launched their own alternative substitute products and plans. In this important occasion of transformation, Jiangxi Tianjia passed an important message: we will do the best plants essential oil in China. After hearing the news, many of my friends were curious, and expressed the question: you also began to develop plant oil? In fact, we have been trying to dive into researching and developing plant extracts, especially plant essential oils for 14 years.
The story should begin with the legendary life of the company founder— Mr. Xiao Shiping. Mr. Xiao majored in animal nutrition and graduated from Jiangxi University in 1986, then assigned to work at the Jiangxi Institute of Biology as a teacher. In 1993, he was admitted to major in animal nutrition and physiology at the South China Agricultural University as a graduate student. His teacher was Professor Fu Weilong who was the first person researching physiological regulators of feeding. In 1996, he gave up the secure job to work at the University after graduated and decided to work as a salesman at Guangzhou Lixinag Group. Then Mr. Xiao was assigned to the Jiangxi market engaging in selling sweetener and became the first graduate student who done business in Jiangxi Province! As a result of rapid achievements in a very short period of time, Mr. Xiao was promoted to be the sales director and regional manager of Jiangxi Province. During that time, he defeated many opponents and successfully cooperated with Xingxiwang Group, which laid a solid foundation for his starting up business. In 1999, Fuxing Feed Co., Ltd was registered mainly as the agent of Lixiang Group and other several companies focusing on additive trade and soon ascended among the top three additives traders in Jiangxi Province. In 2002, Mr. Xiao turned his business to entity and founded the first entity enterprise - Jiangxi Tianjia Industrial Co., Ltd. to research and develop our own products.
Just then, a now seems to be significant incident to the industry happened and the impact on our company was more far-reaching - Beijing successfully bid for the 29th Summer Olympic Games in 2008, so the relevant departments started on screening various food suppliers for Beijing Olympic Games. Xinxiwang Group, as a China well-known brand of feed and food, was successfully selected to provide pork, duck and other ingredients for the Beijing Olympic Games. Chairman Liu Yonghao and management of Xinxiwang Group attached great importance to and personally participated in product quality checks, requiring the selection of the highest quality natural raw materials and additives strictly controlling the risk. In 2001, the natural oregano essential oil product of Ropapharm company - ROPA-B firstly entering the Chinese market and soon got into the purchase catalog of Xinxiwang Group, priced at 125 yuan / kg. 
With keen eyes and sharp observation, Mr. Xiao promptly found the advantage and disadvantage of the product - natural safety of ingredients but high price, thus germinated the idea to research and develop our own oregano essential oil products and proceeded to practice. Through searching for information, theoretical argument, equipment exploration, repeatedly production attempts, the first domestic plant essential oil products – Bai Kang born in 2002, and obtained the " Jiangxi veterinary medicine words (2002) × 019006" (10% oregano oil premix) approval. So far this news can be searched on  for Baidu. With many years of cooperation with Xinxiwang Group, Bai Kang has entered its purchasing catalogue with outstanding advantages of the same effect price but lower price and has been the sole supplier for more than one year. Due to the large amount and high expense, Mr. Liu instructed to add a new supplier. At that time, there were already more than one domestic company producing such products, and then a company in Hunan became the second supplier after the assessment. After a period of cooperation, the product of the other side appeared serious quality problems that marked content was 10% but the actual detection content was only 2.8%. Chairman Liu was very angry requiring to disable all the oregano oil products. Even though our products’ testing content was 9.8%, Bai Kang has also been disabled affected by that and suffered unjust consequences of sales return and arrears etc. It can be said that it not only affected the company's operation at the time, but also blew the newly born plant oil industry, which delayed its development for many years. After a long negotiation, the company accepted the result for the long-term development. Later, our company took an opportunity successfully sold physiological regulator blended with herbal extracts - Tian-Jia-An-Tai to Xinxiwang Group.
On the basis of the research results of the Physiological Laboratory of South China Agricultural University, Professor Wei Weilong as the general consultant, Professor Jiang Qingyan as the technical director and Dr. Xiao Shiping and Dr. Chen Lihong as the specific operators, Tian-Jia-An-Tai was born and introduced to the application fields from the laboratory in 2003. As the first domestic physiological regulator, Tian-Jia-An-Tai made a stir in the industry. At the pig nutrition conference held in kunming in 2005, an expert of China Agricultural University put forward that Tian-Jia-An-Tai was worth paying attention to. On August 22, 2006 in Guangzhou, South China Agricultural University held the "The ninth academic exchange meeting of China Animal Physiology and Biochemistry". Tian Jia was the only invited enterprises, and done the "application of aquatic physiological control agent report " at the meeting.  With the painstaking research and sublimation of three generations of Professor Wei Qinglong, Professor Jiang Qingyan and Mr. Xiao as well as Dr. Chen Lihong and Yi Zhonghua, Tian-Jia-An-Tai has been developed to the fourth generation integrated multiple biotechnology such as physiological control technology, electrolyte balance technology and herbal extraction technology. We served for many other large domestic feed companies as well as small and medium customers products such as Zhengda Group, Xinxiwang Group and Tongwei etc, becoming the leader of the domestic physiological regulator. For this product, Dr. Chen made a lot of practical research, constantly promoting product upgrading and overcoming product defects for better meeting needs of animal feeding. For example, after a large number of experiments, he found that the hawthorn extract and acanthopanax extract has obviously positive effect on the pig feed intake and was applied to Tian-Jia-An-Tai. In addition, Dr. Chen has independently carried out the research of sodium camphorsulfonate for animal and many related articles still can be found on the internet. In 2008, Dr. Chen left because of liver cancer whose departure was a huge loss for Tianjia and plant extracts industry. It’s also around 2008, antibiotics began to flourish and rapidly occupied the market with advantages of quick effect on anti-bacteria and promoting growth, variety selection and cost-effective, thus the research and development and sales of plant extracts and sales got faint down. However, Tianjia's research on plant extracts has not been interrupted by the death of Dr. Chen and the prevalence of antibiotics. The research results of Dr. Chen laid a good foundation for our technological transformation of plant extracts, providing rich complements. Mr. Xiao as the technology leader, the R & D center was quickly set up, dedicating to the research of herbal medicine extract, plant essential oils and animal intestinal system health program. Nowadays, more young generation of technology such as Dr. Liu Wenshu, master Xu Haoxiang, Yao Jia, Zhong Bei, Xu Jie and others have been devoted to the study of plant essential oil. At present, the original grass of  essential oil all are outsourcing instead of planted by our own domestic manufacturers. Fortunately, Jiangxi Province has a large number of plant oil extraction manufacturers, supplying to the cosmetics industry, human health care products industry and food and drug industry, which provided us unique resources superiority for our development of essential oils for feed products. Maybe we will directly buy a essential oil supply base with a complete set of extraction technology and equipment in the future for development. The most important thing is that we have invested in the most advanced production line of plant essential oil coating, which can directly coat the liquid plant oil with multi-layers overcoming its defects of volatile, oxidation, affecting the palatability of feed and  stimulating the gastric mucosa. This kind of coated technology and  production line will protect the natural efficacy of plant oil maximizing its value, and can also be used for coating monomer vitamins and other products. Today, the trend of banning antibiotics was irreversible. Based on the accumulation of research over the past 14 years, the selection of purely natural raw materials and the use of advanced technology, Tianjia essential oil products will soon be put on the market to create greater technical value. Tianjia will take up responsibility for what we should do for food safety!
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