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Congratulations! Jiangxi Tianjia Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd Obtained EU FAMI-QS Certification.

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Recently, our company received FAMI-QS certification issued by FEFANA, and the validity is from May 16th , 2017 to May 15th , 2020. Obtaining the FAMI-QS certificate indicated that our  plant essential oil products have met relevant requirements of the EU standard and can be sold in the EU market. The access conditions of EU market will do a favor for our company to expand oversea markets and  have a positive impact on the development of our company. In the future, we will attach more importance to promoting our products in the EU market, creating greater value and enhancing our competitiveness and brand awareness.




Brief Introduction of FAMI-QS Certification
The FAMI-QS certification is derived from the European Feed Hygiene Code issued by the European Parliament in 2003, which regulates hygiene and safety requirements for the entire feed industry, covering feed additives and premixed feedstuffs. Thus, in 2004, FAMI-QS Asbl was known as the European Association of Feed Additives and Premixes Quality Systems, located in Belgium, a nonprofit organization. The association implements the rules and certification registration system for feed additives and premixed feeds based on this specification, which is the FAMI-QS implementation rules for feed additives and premix industries.
FAMI-QS system is the EU unified certification system based on ISO9001, HACCP and GMP +, FEMAS, Q + S certification recommended by the EU countries in the field of feed safety. It integrated all different recognition requirements of the EU member states, and is the only feed additives and additives pre-mixed feed production quality and safety control system which is suitable for the whole Europe. FAMI-QS Asbl was established under FEFANA to implement a second-party qualification inspection for FAMI-fed feed additives and premix producers (members) and third-country producers (associate members) who export the above products, namely EU FAMI -QS certification.
FAMI-QS system includes management responsibilities, resource management, product realization, system review, unqualified product control, statistical technology and other nine aspects. It lays emphasis on managerial commitment, regulatory requirements, traceability, HACCP applications, product complaints and recalls, requiring product control from procurement, production, packaging, labeling, and transportation.
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