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Roll up our sleeves and work harder—mid-year sales meeting of Tianjia was successfully held.

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Green leaves in summer are dense and red flowers are bright. Tianjia is also brimming over with vitality. Our company's mid-year sales meeting was successfully held in Nanchang from June 26th  to 29th . President Xiao Shiping and all staff of the marketing department and planning department attended the meeting.



At the meeting, the regional managers reported  their respective market conditions, the development trend ,and the situation of competitors. In line with the company's market development strategy in the second half of 2017, regional managers  reported in detail on the market situation of plant essential oil, the situation of  feed enterprises’ solutions to replace antibiotics and plant oil production enterprises in the new background. They also reported the main competitive manufacturers’ product characteristics, prices, application effects and put forward their own sales plan in the second half of the year.



In order to making regional managers have a more in-depth understanding on product features and advantages, President Xiao gave a detailed introduction on the raw material, production technology, multiple layered and double coating micro-encapsulation technology for essential oil, production facilities, product certification, production workers and other aspects of our plant essential oil, showing lots of images and data of contrast experiment with competitive manufacturers. Besides, he made a key note on the significant strength and differences between Tianjia plant essential oil and other companies’,  and summed up more than 20 selling points of Tianjia essential oil.


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