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Tian Jia microcapsule essential oil refining

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Vegetable essential oil is a kind of complex natural mixture, which has many problems, such as unstable nature, easy oxidation and volatility. Its application in feed additives is restricted greatly. In order to break through this bottleneck, the company has hired several authoritative experts in the field of microcapsule technology as technical consultants to guide the company's R&D team composed of several PhD and Master's degree. It has been a year and four months of intensive research. After nearly a hundred experiments, the company has repeatedly explored the selection and proportion of capsule materials and milk. Selection and dosage of chemical agents, inlet air temperature, rotational speed and other technical parameters, constantly find ways to solve the problems encountered in the test, such as viscosity inappropriate, oil seepage, oxidation, improve the liquid microcapsule process suitable for different essential oil products, and ultimately produce unique domestic natural plant essential oil microcapsule products.
Liquid microcapsule technology is the technology of encapsulating liquid material (core material) into microcapsules by chemical, physical or physical chemical methods using polymer materials (capsules). The company uses a fluidized bed spray drying method to prepare microcapsule vegetable essential oil. The principle is that the particles in the suspension zone of the core material produced by the hot air flow separate, move and mix with each other. The capsule material forms a network structure when it is heated, which plays a sieving role. The small molecule material is heated and evaporated, while the larger molecule core material remains in the "network".
The company's complete set of microcapsule production equipment consists of five major systems: batching, emulsification, microcapsule granulation, product screening and automatic control. According to different essential oil products, natural vegetable essential oil crude oil and capsule material are selected scientifically and weighed accurately by batching system, then enter the emulsifying tank for precise emulsification to form oil-in-water emulsion. The emulsion enters the main tower for intelligent spraying and double coating to form microcapsule particles. After drying and peening, multi-layer screening and full mixing, the crude oil of vegetable essential oil is eventually wrapped perfectly in the capsule material to form Tianjia microcapsule vegetable essential oil products, which greatly improves the stability and application of vegetable essential oil.
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