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The effect of plant essential oil is better by selecting microcapsule technology.

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As the environmental protection policy becomes more and more tight, the pace of "reducing resistance" and "prohibiting resistance" is accelerating day by day, it is urgent for feed enterprises to do a good job in advance to cope with the program and find "substitute" green products. In the "anti" products, plant essential oil is obviously an excellent choice.
Essential oils of plants have good effects on antimicrobial, bacteriostatic and intestinal health of animals. However, essential oils of plants are volatile and oxidizable, which are easy to be lost in feed production, pelleting and storage. Moreover, essential oils of plants are easy to combine with albumin and easy to enter the intestinal tract of animals before entering the action position. It is absorbed quickly, and normal dose is difficult to achieve. Due to the instability of essential oil itself, how to ensure that plant essential oil is not interfered by the outside world or almost not interfered by the outside world by means of technical means, so as to achieve targeted release and maximize its effectiveness?
The most effective way is to microencapsulate essential oils.
Therefore, microencapsulation technology plays a key role in the production of essential oils. Therefore, the microencapsulation of plant essential oil requires very high production technology.
At present, there are two kinds of microcapsule coating technology in China, one is the cold spray (solid) microcapsule production technology, the other is the hot spray (liquid) microcapsule production technology, that is, the liquid microcapsule twice multiple coating technology. According to the effect of microencapsulation technology, hot-spray (liquid) Microcapsulation Technology is the best technology for microencapsulation of plant essential oil.
In the research and production of plant essential oils, Tianjia Biology has two "first in China": it has launched the first domestic product of plant essential oils; it has the first professional production line of microencapsulated essential oils in China.
Tianjia Biology has been focusing on the research and development of plant essential oil products for 15 years. In 2002, Tianjia Biology launched the first domestic product of plant essential oil, Baikang (10% oregano oil premix). The research and development of plant essential oil is a leading enterprise in China. After years of intensive research and accumulation of technology, Tianjia Biology has made technological innovation. By leaps and bounds, the essential oil product of microcapsule twice multiple coating, Jiazhifang (microcapsule oregano oil), was introduced.
At present, Tianjia Biology has the first professional production line of microencapsulated essential oil in China (hot-spray (liquid) microcapsule production process). Its self-developed secondary multiple coating technology has the characteristics of complete coating, uniformity and stable structure in the process of microencapsulation of plant essential oil, which can achieve the best effect of fixed-point slow-release. It can overcome the problems of easy oxidation, volatility and absorption in the anterior segment of the small intestine, and give full play to the antimicrobial and bacteriostatic effects of plant essential oils and improve the intestinal health of animals.
Continuous R & D, precise process and professional equipment will create the perfect microcapsule essential oil products.
Tian Jia biology, focusing on essential oils for 15 years.
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