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Analysis of pig market in February 1st

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Today's pig prices remained stable in Northeast China: the average pig prices in Northeast China were 13.87 yuan/kg in Heilongjiang, 13.86 yuan/kg in Liaoning, 14.0 yuan/kg in North China, 14.25 yuan/kg in Tianjin and 13.9 yuan/kg in Hebei, respectively. The average price of live pigs in Beijing was 14.0 yuan/kg, up 0.4 yuan/kg, while that in East China remained stable, with the average price of live pigs in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces at 14.2 yuan/kg, while that in Central China was slightly higher than that in Hubei and Hunan provinces at 14.3 yuan/kg, respectively. The average price of pigs is 14.6 yuan /kg, up 0.2 yuan /kg; Southern China: Southern China average price of live pigs is 14.2 yuan /kg, and the whole is stable.
Since October last year, the central bank has raised interest rates once and adjusted the deposit rate three times. The State Council has promulgated "Article 16 of the State". The State Development and Reform Commission has issued five texts to stabilize prices, seven ministries and commissions have issued relevant policies to coordinate regulation and control, and the State Food Bureau has continued to hold the National Grain and Oil Policy Auction Fair. At the same time, the NDRC has also stressed the necessity. Temporary price limits will be launched. A series of intensive regulation and control policies highlighted the country's determination to suppress prices, domestic CPI reached 4.4% in February, the average CPI in the previous two months has exceeded 3%, March is expected to reach 4.7% (estimated by experts), making the situation of government regulation and control more serious. And last December, the Central Economic Work Conference will be held, for the government, the annual economic exam is coming, which has led to the recent sharp increase in government regulation. The price trend of pigs and feed raw materials in the later period remains to be further observed, but it is expected that there will be less possibility of a sharp rise, and timely attention should be paid to the policy to be introduced by the government. In recent years, the situation of pig epidemic disease has been slightly weakened. Due to the shortage of pig resources in some parts of the country, there has been a phenomenon of pig breeding.
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