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Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture has made a series of efforts to restrict the use of antibiotic growth promoters in livestock and poultry breeding, which has caused a great uproar in the industry. The topic of "substituting for anti-virus" is becoming more and more serious. Plant essential oils are favored by the industry for their unique effects on animal intestines. In order to better serve the animal husbandry industry and promote the better and faster development of the plant essential oil industry, 2107 forage essential oil development and Technological Innovation Summit Forum was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province, from September 21 to 23, sponsored by the livestock website and co-sponsored by Tianjia Biological Assistance. The forum, with the theme of "Essential Oil, Round Green Culture Dream, Make Aquaculture Benefit'Keep Improving', attracted more than 500 participants from industry departments, scientific research institutes, agricultural universities and national enterprises to discuss and exchange ideas for the healthy and stable development of China's feed essential oil industry.






[forum part of the view]
Mr. Li Xiangming, researcher of Shandong Provincial Feed Supervision Institute, interpreted the current policy from the five pressures facing domestic animal husbandry: 1. Environmental pressure, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a paper to reduce the use of copper and zinc in feed, and the use of nitrogen and phosphorus will not be far off; 2. Antibiotic pressure, reducing the pace of resistance is faster and faster. At present, there are 33 kinds of antibiotics added in feed, and the antibiotics used in feed will be less and less in the future. 3. Import pressure of livestock products and the increase of import of livestock products will exert great pressure on domestic animal husbandry. 4. The rise of raw materials, especially the price of chemical raw materials, will eventually affect the terminal price of livestock products. And supervision is becoming more and more serious, especially in drug supervision, which is very stressful for enterprises.
Professor Yang Zaibin, Director of Animal Nutrition Department of Shandong Agricultural University, explained the role of essential oil from four aspects: 1) Essential oil is to change the excessive dependence of antibiotics on feed drugs. As a feed drug additive, plant essential oil can affect intestinal wall structure, improve intestinal microflora, improve nutrient metabolism and promote nutrient absorption. Use. It can improve the animal's weight gain rate and feed utilization rate; 2) solve the target function of breeding and feeding process; 3) improve the nutritional function and feed efficiency function, and reduce the cost. Since essential oils can improve nutrient utilization, assume that if protein utilization is increased by 5%, crude protein can be reduced by 0.5-1%; if energy utilization is increased by 5%, effective energy can be reduced by 100-150 kcal/kg, and the cost of energy and nutrient release can be reduced by about 50-150 yuan/ton; and 4) cooperate with any other additives to enhance efficiency. Such as plant essential oil and microecology, oligosaccharides and other synergies, is more conducive to intestinal health.
Professor Dai Long of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine talked about the extraction of essential oil of Chinese medicine (plants) and its application in aquaculture industry. It was mentioned that volatile oil of Chinese medicine has the functions of sweating, clearing away heat and toxicity, aromatizing dampness and regulating qi. Its extraction technology mainly includes steam distillation, supercritical fluid extraction and subcritical fluid extraction. Extraction, pressing and oil absorption. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, plant essential oil has played a positive role in livestock breeding. For example, thymol, eugenol, carvacrol compound of vegetable essential oil additives broiler diet, can improve feed intake, daily gain.
The best way to get rid of essential oils is microencapsulation.
From the views expressed by experts at the forum, the pace of "reducing resistance" and "prohibiting resistance" is faster and faster, and the demand for "substituting resistance" products is growing. However, there is no doubt that plant essential oils play an important role in antimicrobial and bacteriostatic activities and in improving animal intestinal health. Therefore, plant essential oils are obviously the best choice in "substitute anti" products. This will provide more space for the future development of plant essential oils.
However, plant essential oils are volatile and oxidizable, which are easy to be lost in feed production, pelleting and storage. Moreover, plant essential oils are easy to combine with albumin and can be absorbed quickly before entering the intestinal tract of animals, and normal dosage is difficult to achieve. Due to the instability of essential oil itself, how to ensure that plant essential oil is not interfered by the outside world or almost not interfered by the outside world by means of technical means, so as to achieve targeted release and maximize its effectiveness?
The best way is to microencapsulate essential oils.
Tianjia Biology has been focusing on the research and development of plant essential oil products for 15 years. In 2002, Tianjia Biology launched the first domestic product of plant essential oil, Baikang (10% oregano oil premix). The research on plant essential oil is a leading enterprise in China, and after years of intensive research, it has achieved a leap in technological innovation. Two microencapsulated essential oil products, microcapsule, oregano (microencapsulated oregano oil) were introduced.
At present, Tianjia Biology has the first professional production line of microencapsulated essential oils in China. Its self-developed secondary multiple coating technology has the characteristics of complete coating, uniformity and stable structure in the process of microencapsulation of plant essential oils. It can achieve the best effect of fixed-point slow-release and can almost perfectly overcome the oxidation of plant essential oils. It is easy to volatilize and absorb in the anterior segment of the small intestine, giving full play to the antimicrobial and bacteriostatic effects of plant essential oils and improving the intestinal health of animals.



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