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Mr. Xi, a technical director of Guizhou Fu Yuan, visited Jiangxi to visit Tian Jia.

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In November 21st, the company welcomed another important guest. Guizhou Fuzhiyuan Technical Director Yin Xijian visited Tianjia, Jiangxi Province. Chairman Xiao Shiping and deputy general manager Xiao Yijian welcomed the delegation and accompanied them to visit Jiangxi Provincial Feed Additive Engineering Research Center, Solid Microcapsule Coating Workshop and Liquid Microcapsule Coating Plant Essential Oil Workshop.




During the visit to the laboratory of the research center, Chairman Xiao Shiping mainly introduced to the director of silver the professional testing equipment such as gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, microbial automatic analyzer, dissolution instrument, etc. At the same time, he explained the microbial laboratory, sample room, physical and chemical testing room. Comprehensive and professional supporting equipment is the foundation for developing high-quality products continuously.



In the liquid microcapsule workshop, Chairman Xiao Shiping introduced the mechanism of action, effective components and key factors affecting the use of essential oils in detail to the Director of Silver. The important role of microcapsule coating in solving the stability problem of essential oil in use was emphasized. From raw material selection and preparation process, how Tianjia realizes multiple secondary coating of liquid essential oil was introduced in detail, and the bottleneck of essential oil in use was solved perfectly. At the same time, the Director of Silver carefully inspected and understood the raw materials, production equipment and processes, and acknowledged our achievements in the study of microcapsule essential oils.


贵州富之源技术总监银西键先生到访江西天佳考察交流 贵州富之源技术总监银西键先生到访江西天佳考察交流
贵州富之源技术总监银西键先生到访江西天佳考察交流 贵州富之源技术总监银西键先生到访江西天佳考察交流
贵州富之源技术总监银西键先生到访江西天佳考察交流 贵州富之源技术总监银西键先生到访江西天佳考察交流
Finally, Chairman Xiao Shiping demonstrated the distinct difference between Tianjia Microencapsulated Plant Essential Oil and its counterparts by comparing the solubility of the products in water. The Director of Silver highly recognized the advanced technology of our company. He also praised Tianjia's team's earnest and dedicated attitude in studying the technology and promised to purchase a little in advance. Type II good to aromatic test was carried out to evaluate the bacteriostatic and feeding effects of the product.
Tianjia Biotechnology is dedicated to animal intestinal health technology and additive preparation technology. It is a professional manufacturer of feeding physiological regulators and microencapsulated plant extracts. Especially in plant essential oils, Tianjia Biotechnology has a 15-year research and development history and technical support, which can solve the problem of "stability, overfeeding and targeting" of plant essential oils. The problem is committed to providing customers with no age based system solutions.
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